Garage Door Maintenance in Marion

What’s the best way to prevent garage door failure and extend the life of your garage door? It’s as simple as routine maintenance. At The Hamilton Parker Company, we offer an annual preventative maintenance check in Marion for $100 a year* to inspect your garage door and all of its parts—ensuring safe and trouble-free garage door operation.

If you’re in the Marion, Ohio area, contact us today to sign up for our garage door maintenance plan. We service both residential and commercial garage doors.

Our Garage Door Maintenance Plan in Marion Includes:

  • Track and roller lubrication
  • Spring adjustments
  • Leveling adjustments
  • Lock adjustments
  • Opener chain adjustments
  • Opener force adjustments
  • Opener travel adjustments
  • Eye beam adjustments
  • Component check for safety and excessive wear
  • 90-day warranty on labor

Is Professional Garage Door Maintenance Necessary?

Most garage door maintenance and repairs are not DIY projects. Many garage door components, including the springs cables and pulleys, are under extreme tension—meaning you should never try to adjust them yourself.

In addition, scheduling professional garage door maintenance in Marion allows you to catch minor repairs before they become major repairs. We can replace any worn or frayed parts, while also inspecting for parts that are loose or require lubrication.

At The Hamilton Parker Company, we use fully trained and certified garage door technicians and only the highest quality garage door components. Combined with our 90-day warranty on labor, you’ll have peace of mind that your garage door not only operates safely and properly, but that it will continue to operate safely and properly for many years to come.

Why Choose The Hamilton Parker Company for Garage Door Maintenance in Marion, Ohio?

At The Hamilton Parker Company, we sell, install, and service the largest selection of garage doors in the Marion and surrounding Central Ohio area. With more than 75 years of experience, you know you can trust our garage door technicians to perform your garage door maintenance quickly and correctly.

We invite you to visit either of our garage door showrooms conveniently located in Columbus and Delaware, OH. For general inquiries, please call or fill out a contact form online.



*All pricing is subject to change.