Winter has arrived in Ohio and with it comes cold, wet days that can disrupt the operation of your garage door. Getting prepared early on can save you money and time by preventing the need for costly repairs later in the season. All it takes is a little TLC to get your garage door working its best, no matter the outside temperature!

How to Winterize Your Garage Door

Winter is easily one of the most inconvenient times to have your garage door break down. Fortunately, your garage door specialists at Hamilton Parker know what it takes to keep your garage door running at peak performance all season long. We recommend you winterize your doors by checking your batteries to see if they need to be replaced and scheduling routine maintenance before severe weather hits. At Hamilton Parker, this will involve checking and adjusting all components of your door with a process that includes:

  • Track and roller lubrication
  • Spring adjustments
  • Leveling adjustments
  • Lock adjustments
  • Opener chain adjustments
  • Opener force adjustments
  • Opener travel adjustments
  • Eye beam adjustments
  • Component check for safety and excessive wear

If your garage doors are not currently insulated, we also suggest installing garage door weather stripping on the bottoms and edges of your door. You can then add polystyrene or injected foam insulation to keep extreme weather out and make sure your garage is safe and protected. This not only prevents cold air from getting in, but also helps protect your home from water damage when it storms.

Are You Ready to Winterize Your Garage Doors?

If you live in Central Ohio and are interested in winterizing your garage doors, Hamilton Parker can help. Our technicians are fully trained and certified, and we use only the highest quality components to perform routine garage door maintenance for residents of the Columbus and Delaware, OH areas. With a 90-day warranty on all labor and over 75 years of experience installing, repairing, and maintaining garages, we have your every need covered.

Don’t wait till it snows to get your garage door ready! Contact Hamilton Parker for garage door maintenance and tips on garage door weather stripping today.