The Hamilton Parker Company sells and installs limestone tile for countertops, backsplashes, flooring, and more throughout the Central Ohio area.

With a natural appeal and a stunning aesthetic, limestone makes a stylish and durable choice for the home. Whether used as a countertop, backsplash, or floor, limestone can bring added elegance to any design project. It is one of the most versatile natural stones in the market.

From kitchen remodeling to floor replacement to new construction, our selection of limestone tile products in Central Ohio is sure to add beauty to any space.

We invite you to visit one of our tile showrooms, conveniently located in Columbus, Cincinnati, and Delaware, OH, to view our product selection. For general inquiries, please give us a call or fill out a form online.

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Limestone Tile

Limestone offers extreme versatility and unique elegance that makes it an ideal choice in many applications. Available in a variety of colors, shades, and textures, it can be used to bring out the beauty of nearly any room design in your home. It does require a little more maintenance than other tile options, but like marble, can last you many years with proper care.

Popular limestone applications for residences throughout Central Ohio include:

  • Limestone countertops – a favorite among many of our clients, limestone countertops offer a luxurious aesthetic for kitchens and bathrooms alike and are generally more affordable than granite or marble options. However, limestone also tends to be more fragile and can scratch and burn more easily than other natural stones. Regular maintenance is required to prevent damage.
  • Limestone backsplash – its soft nature allows limestone to be shaped into nearly any design for a backsplash with the most beautiful style. Dirt and food can be easily washed away as well, making it easy to keep your kitchen backsplash clean, though special maintenance is needed to protect it from cracking or damaging.
  • Limestone flooring – with unique beauty, limestone can be an inspiring choice with a timeless look for your home’s flooring. It’s best suited in smaller, more elegant room designs and master baths due to its vulnerability to cracking, which becomes more prevalent in high-traffic areas.

Limestone Tile Installation in Central Ohio

Once you’ve selected the perfect stone or tile for your indoor or outdoor design project, The Hamilton Parker Company is prepared to help you with your tile installation. We’re experts at all things tile and have knowledge of all slip-resistance requirements for exterior tile use and more.

We invite you to view our limestone tile selection at one of our showrooms—conveniently located in Columbus, Cincinnati, and Delaware, Ohio—or contact us today to schedule tile installation services.