Preventative Maintenance Programs


Specializing in quality and preventative maintenance to ensure warmth and safety for Homeowners, Property Managers, Realtors and Preventative MaintenanceHome Inspectors.

Please call for current pricing and details on our Fireplace Maintenance Program.

Gas Fireplace Cleaning Maintenance Bronze Special: $130

  • Remove glass panel, inspect for scratches, nicks that can lead to breakage when heated
  • Verify manifold and inlet pressures, adjust regulator as required
  • Inspect pilot flame strength, clean or replace orifice as necessary
  • Using gas detector check all fittings for leaks:
    • Gas inlet pressure
    • Gas outlet pressure
    • Thermocouple Millivolt reading
    • Thermopile Millivolt reading

Gas Fireplace Preventative Maintenance & Cleaning Silver Special: $190

  • Bronze special plus the following
  • Remove glass panel, inspect for scratches, nicks that can lead to breakage when heated
  • Inspect gasket seal and its condition
  • Check screen for tears
  • Vacuum and wipe out dust, cobwebs, debris, pet hair on top of unit
  • Remove any foreign objects
  • Verify latches engaged properly, clip studs not stripped
  • Verify unobstructed air circulation
  • Corner welds good and tight
  • Inspect for broken, damaged or missing logs
  • Verify correct log placement and no flame impingement causing sooting
  • Inspect paint condition, warpage, corrosion
  • Clean gas logs and check proper placement
  • Verify burner is properly secured and aligned with pilot or igniter
  • Clean off burner top, inspect for plugged ports, corrosion or deterioration
  • Add rock wool, do not block ports
  • Check for smooth lighting and ignition carryover to all ports
  • Inspect for lifting or other flame problems
  • Verify air shutter is clear of dust and debris
  • Inspect orifice for soot, dirt or corrosion
  • Inspect venting for blockage, birds nest, leaves etc.
  • Check termination that it is clear of obstructions
  • Check any batteries/Operating remotes


Annual Preventative Maintenance Check as Fireplace Maintenance Columbus Ohiorecommended by the manufacturer. Please call for current pricing and details on our Garage Door Maintenance Program.

HP service agreement includes the following:

  • Lubricate tracks and rollers
  • Spring adjustments
  • Leveling adjustments
  • Lock adjustments
  • Opener chain adjustments
  • Opener force adjustments
  • Opener travel adjustments
  • Eye Beam adjustments
  • Check all components for safety/excessive wear
  • 90-day warranty on labor
  • Parts at additional cost