The Hamilton Parker Company sells and installs sandstone tile for countertops, backsplash, flooring, and more throughout the Central Ohio area.

When it comes to natural stone, sandstone is among the most beautiful in residential designs. It offers a natural appeal with hues of earth tones that are rich with character, whether finished with texture or smooth. Though very porous and easy to absorb spills, it can last for many years with proper installation, sealing, and maintenance.

Whether you are remodeling your home or installing new countertops, our selection of sandstone tile products in Central Ohio is sure to leave you impressed.

We invite you to visit one of our tile showrooms, conveniently located in Columbus, Cincinnati, and Delaware, OH. For general inquiries, please give us a call or fill out a form online.

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Sandstone Tile

Though not as durable as granite, sandstone remains a strong and long lasting stone, so long as it is properly cared for.  An environmentally friendly choice for the home, this type of tile offers unique, natural beauty that is filled with personality. This makes sandstone tile a favorite in many applications, including favorites like:

  • Sandstone flooring – the most popular application, sandstone flooring brings elegance and classical beauty to the home that is unmatched with other materials. Its appearance is defined by layers of earthy tones, ranging from cream to red to brown, that only give your floors more character with age.
  • Sandstone countertops – while many shy away from using sandstone in the kitchen, its aesthetic is timeless and hard to top. It is vulnerable to water absorption, scratches, and denting, but can be protected for years of use through proper maintenance and sealing.
  • Sandstone backsplash – the layers of color and texture only sandstone can provide make for some of the most unique mosaics in kitchen backsplashes. Spills must be cleaned immediately to prevent damage, but with proper care, the changes in aesthetic over time will bring more beauty and personality to your kitchen design.

Sandstone Tile Installation in Central Ohio

Once you select the perfect stone or tile for your indoor or outdoor design project, The Hamilton Parker Company is prepared to help you with your tile installation. We’re experts at all things tile and have knowledge of all slip-resistance requirements for exterior tile use and more.

We invite you to view our indoor and outdoor tile selections at one of our showrooms—conveniently located in Columbus, Cincinnati, and Delaware, Ohio—or contact us today for sandstone tile installation services.